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Manage your notes, as you feel

The easiest app in the market to manage your notes and it's completely free and data-transparent!

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FastMemo Mobile

Simple, clean and user-friendly!

Lots of features are included, but more are coming soon!

Create a rich note using the toolbar below

You are able to personalize your notes as you like, inserting images, ordered lists and even code!

To-Do lists are also here!

Do you have any plans for the weekend and you don’t want to forget anything? Or you need to schedule tasks for your job? There you are!

Protect your notes with your secret code

You can change it later and eventually swap it with fingerprint feature!

Order or update your categories!

Remember to keep in mind your categories, they are like folders. Handle them with care!

Cloud synchronization with Google Firebase

You will be able to synchronize your notes using a Google Firebase account. You have to generate a Firestore app and retrieve these three parameters, and everything is set!

Webhooks BETA

For the expert users, it's possible to connect webhooks to perform lots of actions! Check the website for further information.

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Coming soon to Desktop and Web!

Access anywhere, create without limits, for free.

FastMemo Desktop

Unlock the full potential

Follow our guides to master FastMemo Step-by-Step tutorials to enhance your experience with our application!